Who We Are and What We Fight For

Who we are and what we do

Youth for International Socialism is a group of workers and youth that fight for the end of capitalism, and for democratic socialism, as explained by the ideas of genuine Marxism. We have links worldwide, and are in political solidarity with the ideas of the International Marxist Tendency presented at the In Defence of Marxism website (www.marxist.com). We are Marxists in the tradition of Marx and Engels, and as continued by Lenin and Trotsky. Although we fight against capitalism shoulder to shoulder with other groups with similar goals, we maintain the specific ideas and principles of Marxism in our activities.

By getting involved in the local, national, and international youth, labor, and communist movements, YFIS takes an active part in the day to day struggles of workers and youth around the world. With news and analysis, solidarity campaigns, educational material, discussion groups and much more, we work to spread the ideas of genuine Marxism to as many people as possible. We educate others and ourselves, and defend the interests of the workers and youth at all times. Join us in the fight for a better world!

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