Marx and Engels

Karl Marx in 1869 Frederick Engels in 1877 The founders of scientific socialism, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels laid the foundations of dialectical and historical materialism - the method of Marxism.  Using this method we are able to understand the development and processes of history, nature, economics, society, etc. - and most importantly we can act to change those processes - not just speculate about them.   Marxism is not merely a theory - it is a guide to action - the generalization of the experiences of nature and society, and especially of the working class.  True revolutionaries and brilliant thinkers to the end of their days, all of Marx and Engels' works should be read, studied, and re-read time and again.  We provide here a selection of their writings in chronological order.  See also other classic works of Marxism.  For a more extensive selection please visit the Marx and Engels Internet Archive.

  • Theses on Feurbach (1845)
    Marx's personal notes in which he sketches the outline of his new world outlook - historical dna dialectical materialism. 
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