Lenin in 1918 Lenin, along with Leon Trotsky was the leader of the October Revolution. He deepened Marxist theory in the era of imperialism, and extended the idea of the vanguard party into practice and success in 1917. Always implacable on questions of theory, yet flexible in tactics, he waged a merciless struggle against revisionism, opportunism, class collaboration, ultra-leftism, etc. Lenin's works need to be read over and over again, as the freshness and relevance of his writings to the modern world have withstood the test of time. In his writings we can find the guide to action we need to change the world. For a personal look at Lenin, see Lunacharsky's Revolutionary Silhouettes. See also other classic works of Marxism. For a more extensive selection please visit the Lenin Internet Archive.
  • Resolution on the National Question (1917)
    An outstanding overview of the attitudes of Marxists towards the national question, and the rights of nations to self-determination. From the Seventh All-Russian Conference of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (Bolsheviks) RSDLP (B).
  • The State and Revolution (1917)
    This is the classic exposition of the Marxist attitude towards the state, and the relationship of the proletariat and the socialist revolution to the state. Should be considered required reading and read over and over again!
  • The Tasks of the Youth Leagues (1920)
    Though he discusses details specific to Russia in the early 1900s there is still a lot to be learned from this excellent speech
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