James Connolly

James Connolly Born in Scotland, James Connolly was the brightest star of Labor and Socialism in Ireland.  He was executed after the tragically failed Easter Uprising in 1916.

  • The Friends of Small Nationalities (1914)
    A short, ironic piece by the Irish revolutionary James Connolly, written during World War One, where he denounces the big powers for using the rights of small nations as a fig leaf for their real imperialist aims.
  • Workshop Talks
    This marvellous little pamphlet by James Connolly has introduced millions of workers to the basic ideas of socialism. Workshop Talks remains one of the best simple rebuttals of all the arguments that come up over and over again against socialism, on buses, in works canteens, and in pubs and clubs. "Socialism is not practical"... "Socialism is contrary to religion"... "Socialism will destroy freedom"... "Socialism means confiscation".  Here are the answers! Also available as a pamphlet along with Leon Trotsky's If America Should Go Communist.

For a more extensive selection please visit the James Connolly Internet Archive.

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